Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This is Happening?

I admit I was a little shocked when Alex sent me an email earlier today stating that he was going to go through with the idea of watching all of Nicolas Cage's movies in single year. I mean sure, I did send out an email stating that "Nicolas Cage is the greatest artist this generation has ever seen" but then again I say A LOT of exaggerated shit. And I'm just kind of surprised that with all of the crazy, bat-shit ideas that I have said over the years to him, this is the one that sticks.

But if you step back and take a moment, you realize that there is something peculiar about Nicolas Cage. He seems to have this uncanny charisma that draws people to him. Even if he wasn't famous, Mr. Cage seems that he would be the type of person that if he walked into a room, he would quickly become the center of attention. Of course that fact that he cuts pseudo wrestling promos in public doesn't seem to hurt.

But when it comes to acting the man has some serious talent. I once read online somewhere that Nicolas Cage would be the perfect stage actor (I spent like 15 minutes looking up that argument to no success). If you look at his mannerisms, Nicolas Cage slightly exaggerated actions would play wonderfully in packed theater houses. But they look slightly off because film plays more subtlety. However, if Nicolas Cage went the theater route (where he might have gained more critical success), I feel that my film going life would felt a little more cheated.

One final thing before we start our 365 Days of Cage. I know I'm a pretty horrible writer and probably a worse academic. Maybe this blog will help me become better at both.